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Custom Mouthguard

Custom Mouthguard

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Select your style and order your custom guard directly through the Iceberg website.


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We'll connect you to the nearest Iceberg Dental Partner to get your impression.


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Your Iceberg guard will be shipped within one week of your dental scan.


Go And Compete!

Whether it's game day or practice, experience enhanced performance in your Iceberg guard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes An Iceberg Guard Different?

A mouthguard protects your teeth. An Iceberg guard offers more: It increases oxygen intake, which in most cases results in better performance. And it has been tested by pro athletes in nearly every sport imaginable.

We use technology borrowed from mandibular orthopedic re-positioning appliances to open the airway and position the jaw for increased oxygen flow.

Iceberg Guards uses materials which offer superior impact absorption for direct hits to the mouth and teeth (Boxing, MMA, etc.) and indirect hits such as a blow to the head (football, hockey, lacrosse, etc.)

Who Wears Iceberg Performance Mouthwear?

Iceberg Guards makes a device for all athletes who want to excel in their sport or activity. From motorsports to boxing, Strongman competition to hockey, more oxygen is more oxygen.

How Long Does It Take To Order My Custom Mouthpiece?

After receiving your impression through a dental office or an impression kit in the mail, please allow 10-12 days to receive your custom guard.

'boil And Bite' Vs. Custom Mouthguard

Custom mouth guards protect teeth while diffusing impact to the jaws by separating the mandible from the maxilla which decreases the chance of concussive effects to the base of the brain.